He wants to hang out?

So this guy that I kinda like a lot asked me to hang out with him Friday. Fine, no problem. It's the first time he's asked me to hang out, but I understand that friends hang out, so we may be just friends. The thing is that he asked me to hang out at his friend's house with him, his friend, and his friend's girlfriend. Is this still just being friends? Hanging out with an additional couple?


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  • Not really, I think he wants more. ;)

    • So, if I'm getting this correctly, perhaps he could be over being just friends? Thanks for answering!

    • Yeah, I mean his friend is important to him. Obviously he likes you enough to hang out with him and you at the same time. I wouls say he is over the friend thing. But this is specific: if he has other girl-friends he likes to hang out with than he can go on as just friends. If not... well

  • No, if he just wanted to be friends I am pretty sure that you would know it.


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