He mentions future dates but makes no mention of anything when saying goodbye?

While we're on the date he'll mention that we should do this or that and mentions things like "next time" or "when you come over, "when you meet my friends."

However when we say goodbye he never says he'll call me or asks me out again. After 4 dates is it implied that we're going to go out again so there's no need to say it?


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  • That's it to an extent, but some folks are just bad at this stuff and don't realize that it's better to have an actual plan. At least a guy should be able to say "I'd like to see you again next week; can I call you and work out the details?" I think it's just that this guy is very informal about this kind of stuff and doesn't know that it makes some folks uncomfortable to completely lack structure. Other people prefer to be spontaneous.

    Anyway, this is the kind of small issue that you need to TALK OVER with a potential partner. He probably has no clue you feel this way, but it's also probably no big deal for him to change a bit for you. But you have to talk about it or he'll never know.

    • Well when I tried to confirm on Sat night that we were still meeting up Sunday he said "possibly." I was upset and told him that he seems busy, and that he should call me when he actually wants to make plans because I'm not wasting my Sunday waiting around on "possibly" meeting up. He apologized and said he definitely wanted to meet up.

      I'm pretty sure that sends the hint...right? I was telling him to either make set plans or I'll find something else because I won't wait around.

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    • Like I said, some guys just aren't as socially knowledgable, and maybe the people they're normally around don't care as much about that stuff. It's okay that you do, but realize that he might need a bit of "social training." Nothing about this seems like a big deal, so why not put some time and effort and see if you can't come out with a great guy in the end?

    • Because I constantly get hit on and I'd rather be with someone who WANTS to spend time with me. I feel like a burden/like he's taking sympathy on taking me out. It doesn't feel good.

      It really hurt my feelings that when I asked if we were going to meet up Sunday he replied possibly. I don't want to be someone' possibly and I won't make them mine

  • Wow you really want validation? Just go with it and reverse it on him and future him with plans that you want to do. You can make it work against him,.

    • I can make it work against him? HUH?

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