So there's this boy... Please help

So there's this boy I'm not sure if he likes me but he keeps talking to my friend about me asking her if I like him. Because I called him cute and so we started talking on Facebook and stuff and then he gave me his number so we texted a little. So what do you think does he like me since he keeps asking my friend about me and should I text him because I've been waiting for him to text me but he doesn't I think it's because he's shy?


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  • Ask yourself a question. If you were asking his friends if he liked you...would it mean that YOU liked him or NOT?

    • im so confused...

    • He would not be asking your friends if you liked him...and he would not even care if you liked him..if he didn't like you! You're killing me here! LOL

    • Well, not necessarily. I've asked friends if a guy liked me, because I wanted to make extra sure I wasn't leading them on!

  • pretend your him and he is you and now ask yourself do I like him?


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