He never initiates a phone call or text?

I have been dating this guy for 2 years. We have busy lives as we both have kids. When we are together, which is not that frequent, we have lots of fun, good conversation and a real connection. In between that time, he never calls or text to see how I am unless initiated by me. He had many interests and puts his kids first but it seems like I am always the last thing on his mind, the the only sees me when he has nothing better to do. When I ask him, he says it is not true and that he does care about me. Why the mixed message between words and action


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  • Actions speak louder than words. Your instincts are good, go with them. You are telling yourself that you do not like this situation, that you feel like you are not being well cared for, not having your feelings returned as you would like.

    Consider carefully if this is the relationship that you really want. Chances are, he is not going to change after 2 years.

    • yep...you are right...time to make a tough decision. Great guy but priorities are a mess.

    • I agree, go with your gut. He def won't change. I would move on before you invest too much time.