I'm in a triangle. Me, him and her. What should I do?

So here's the story:

I like this guy who is smitten with this girl who already has a boyfriend but still flirts with him and encourages his interest. Now, I haven't started walking away yet because he started to become interested me as well but I'm confused. I really don't know how to act around him because he doesn't hesitate to talk about the girl while I'm around (hence how I know he's still interested in her). But then he still shows his interest by doing things such as trying to make me laugh or copying some of the things that I say or do, etc. My friend told me to walk far from this guy but I don't know. I'm just afraid that I might making a mistake if I walk away. I don't know what to think or do.


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  • This guy seems indecisive...


    ...and don't forget that he may be showing the same signs of interest in other girls besides you and the other female "triangle member".

    A guy that doesn't know what he wants...is an unfair person for you to pursue. It's not healthy.

    I say to let him know you like him, and the ball is in FULLY in his court. Give him a set amt of days for him to respond back, and if that time elapses, move on.

  • If the guy likes you he likes you.

    You can like lots of people.

    When someone stands above the rest does one's sight narrows in on a single individual.


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