Girls why won't you text me back?

I text you and you and we have a conversation and then you randomly just cut off and stop texting. say hey I'm busy I'll talk later and then 5 minutes later I see your on Facebook or Instagram. Why do you do this because it really annoys me


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  • it's usually because the guy is boring me, he's not doing a good job of keeping me interested which usually includes being boring, not making me laugh, not being intellectually stimulating, short texts, or he's just coming on too strong too fast.

    • Yeah I see your point. How do I kerp her from getting bored when we text withput sounding like an idiot?

    • be funny, try not to be too corny, don't be too available like replying within 10 seconds every single time, just relax and show her that you're good company :)

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  • Because they're not into you. Wake up.

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