Girls, how would you feel if a guy texted you quite often?

Let's assume this guy isn't your boyfriend. How would you feel about a guy who texted you often? Like at least once a day. Maybe not constantly all day, but maybe once a day or so, or maybe every other day. Would this annoy you and make him seem clingy, or would you find it flattering? Would it make a difference if he was a friend or someone you just met? Would it also make a difference if you liked him or not?

Follow up: Assume you are not repulsed by the guy, he is your friend, or you are somewhat open to the idea of dating him. Also assume he texts you on a regular but comfortable basis (i.e. 1/day - every other day), and exhibits good texting etiquette (doesn't talk to long, can tell when you're busy, doesn't continue to text when you don't respond, etc.), would this influence how you feel about him. In other words, can texting increase a guys romantic potential if done right?


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  • It's not clingy if :

    1. he has something to say and not just so hey texts

    2. I like him (even he its just hey) : honeslty doesn't matter if he's my best friend or a guy I tend to have a crush on or whatever if I like him already then I'll be happy to hear from him

    is it flaterring ? 1-> he had something to say so it's not like I have reason to be happy and flaterred

    2-> I like him so yes I'm glad he thinks about me often

    btw if I don't like the guy then it's not flattering cause he's not someone I want to have interests in me

    id say that I'm more likely to like him if we've known each other for a longer amount of time although if I had a instant crush on him I think I wouldn't mind

    how do you know if the girl likes you then ? just see how she repsonds to your texts : monosylabic aren't a good sign , no answer isn't as well

    • Texting is a form of communication so of course if it's done right and with someone you're compatible with , it will help you get to know the other person better and eventuelly make your mutual interests grow

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  • Once or twice a day is fine (if I like the guy or he's my mate) but I don't be rude and not reply not my style I just keep it short (if he keeps on texting. I think it get annoying when he keeps on texting (when I busy and know I am) ...

  • If I liked the guy I would be stoked. If It wasn't into him or didn't consider him a friend, then I would get annoyed. Also, if he texted me once a day or every other day and I didn't reply, then obviously I would be getting irritated.

  • I feel wanted when people text me(as long as they do not reply with lol), so it does not bother me. I actually like texts from guys I like, and due to my schedule, I do like people I can hold a small conversation with over text


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