Advice for a virgin dater?

I've had a couple of girlfriends in my life, but I have never been a hit with any ladies. Always thought I was someone no woman would ever want to be with. Lately a lot of people have been telling me to start dating. But I have no real clue what is considered to be dating. Is that just going out with someone, or does that involve kissing and stuff. Is having sex with someone still considered as dating, I really don't know. Some advice please.

PS Yes I am aware of my age so please leave that to one side. I am a very late starter due to a hearing problem from when I was a child, i.e. I was deaf until the age of 9 so I missed out a lot on things that other kids were aware of.

By the way, when I say having sex, I mean that you are going out together, eating at a restaurant etc, then towards the end of the night maybe sex. Not jusr finding someone and having sex ASAP. Also, what the hell is an intimate encounter?


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  • Dating is really all of the above. Spending time with a woman one on one with the intent of getting to know her romantically. If you hit it off, that develops into kissing, hooking up, sex, etc. If you find someone you really click with you continue to date her until it progresses into something exclusive. If you're just having sex I wouldn't call that dating, I'd call that hooking up. Dating involves spending quality time with someone in order to get to know them.


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