Do I ask him to prom or will he ask me?

Prom is coming up, and I don't have a date. My crush does not go to my school, and he is a few months younger than me. Do I have to ask him to my prom or will he ask me to my prom?


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  • I don't believe in asking guys out. You should show interest and make it easy for him to talk to you, but the rest is up to him. If a guy does not ask you out, there is a good reason for it.

    So, you should wait for him to ask you to his prom. He definitely cannot ask you to your prom. If you two were already seeing each other, you could have hinted at going but that doesn't sound like an option.

    So, yes, you may feel this is too important to let go by and feel compelled to ask him out, and, hey, I am not a fan of that but no one has ever died from having someone say no, so that is up to you.

    • I agree with Tamikaze, hint it to him. Mention prom is your conversation (make something up like "I booked my hair appointment for prom!", and how it sucks no guys asked you to prom yet, and wait it out!

      a REAL MAN with ask you to prom! He should grow some balls.

      If not, his loss.

    • DocClassic, Why what?

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  • You should ask him to your prom. While your sitting on his lap, mention the fact that you don't have a prom date.

  • It's not his prom to ask you to. You have to ask him.


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  • If you truly wanted to go to prom with him you would ask him. It would just be weird if he asked you to your own prom. We live in a world were females can do just about anything a male can so don't feel like it would be weird to ask a guy out. I asked my boyfriend although he's a very traditional guy he loved the fact that I did ask, which took pressure of him :)

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