I want to see him but I don't know if I should text him?

I miss this guy :( I want to see him and watch TV and hang out but I'm too nervous to text him. I work the rest of the week so I wouldn't be able to see him until sometime next week if not tonight. I've texted him the last few days for conversation but haven't asked to hang out since Thursday. Is it too early too ask to hang out? Should I just do it and risk getting rejected or wait til next week?


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  • The age old dilemma: go now, or wait until the time is right?

    I've discovered in my own life that the time is never right, so if you want anything to happen at all you just got to go for it.

    Remember, even if you get rejected, you're *still* better off than waiting, because:

    1. You can still ask again later :) Nearly all rejections are not permanent unless he's just plain vicious, in which case, you are spared the trouble.

    2. You can still ask again later! You will also have an answer to the thing you will probably end up wondering about if you waited and lost the chance.

    3. Did I mention you can ask again later?

    So yeah, just go for it.


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