Does no contact work?

i yelled at this guy. I'm wrong but he hasn't been treating me well. he's been ignoring me, cancelling dates etc etc. I said I'm sorry for yelling but erased him from ALL social media. should I just let it go? I'm tired. how do I get him to treat me better?

he always forgives me but he never changes. it's the same thing again and again.


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  • well if you said your sorry. what else can you do. the guy sounds like a jerk if he can't forgive you. move on find someone else to treat you better. don't go chasing guys like that. you made a mistake at yelling at him. if he can't forgive you for it. that's his own problem combined with bitterness.

    • well I over react often. I don't know if he's a douche or if he's a douche because I yell and get overly emotional but I get overly emotional because he behaves like a douche.

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    • he is playing you like a puppet. he is playing the emotional guilt trip with you. just tell him, either stop his pathetic games or we are done. and go through it. that will teach to be a immature bratt. sorry for harsh comment,.

    • i said that to him recently. he knows so I'll see if anything changes. I'll remain calm. if things still continue to be flip flopy then you're right, he's emotionally manipulating.

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  • He wont. They do not change. If he's been ike that for more than a month, congrats he's a douche. Move on to better

    • i think I'll just live my life and not react to him. if he sticks around, fine. if he leaves, that's fine too. I wouldn't stick around a guy who yelled at me all the time. time will tell. over reacting and yelling at someone will not encourage him or her to make more effort. I think the best bet is distance and non attachment. maybe he's manipulating. I don't know yet. I have to detach myself from my emotions to see the truth.