Should I be giving him more signs to just ask me out already?!

Okay. We are both 18 and I do work with him, but we hang out outside of work all the time. He is always the one who invites me to go places with him when a big group of people are getting together. He is flirty at work and we have a bunch of inside jokes. We spray lysol and windex at each other and laugh on a daily basis. We drive around in his car and listen to music after we hang out with other people. He is always smiling around me and we make dirty jokes and flirt all the time. What more signs could I give him to let him know that it's okay to make a move on me? I try to be flirty and close to him but I'm not the girl who likes to take charge and ask a guy out.

So...i guess what I'm asking is, how can I coax him into asking me out, so I don't have to put myself out on the line? :P

Any help is much appreciated(:


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What Guys Said 1

  • Only if you don't want him to do anything.

    Signs don't work on guys because we have a lower perception threshold than women for stuff like that. We just don't see them.

    Stop trying to rely on signs, and you'll do better.


What Girls Said 1

  • Hate to tell ya, but guys are pretty dense. Very few of them actually react to signs. =/ My two friends, before they got together, were hanging out, talking on the phone, cuddling, wrestling... and he STILL didn't know if she liked him. In the end, she was the one who asked him out. But they've been together for over two years. :)

    So my advice is why not just ask him out? It seems pretty clear he likes you.