Met a foreign girl at a bar -- mixed signals?

I was at a bar two weeks ago and this foreign girls friend approached me and said that her friend wanted to meet me.

I walked over to the table and met this very good looking foreign chick. I hung out with her for like 45 minutes before leaving. She really liked me and kept complimenting me on different things, grabbing my hand, bought me drinks, etc.

I ended up getting her number, but she was leaving for vacation the next morning. She texted my phone that night saying she couldn't wait to see me again, etc. And then she texted me all throughout her week long vacation and then texted me again when she landed back into NY saying, "I am back in NY!"

She lives with a host family and doesn't have her own car and we live like 25 minutes apart. I asked her this week if she wanted to get a drink and she replied she couldn't, she didn't have her host family's car that night. But, said maybe another night.

I didn't want to pick her up, because I have only met her once.

I haven't talked to her since that was like 3 days ago. Should I even bother?


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  • nah =/


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  • If you really into her, why don't you just go to NY? and tell her! Hey, I'm going there this weekend I have something to do. We should meet up and grab a drink so we can continue our fun conversation on that day...

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