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Why are you so competitive with each other?

I got this from a web site thought the girls would enjoy answering and the guys would enjoy reading :)

Why are you so competitive with each other? Guys don't care who has cooler shoes, better hair color or a more expensive bag. We don't know the difference between Kate Spade and Louis Vuitton, and we don't want to. We're more likely to notice a woman who's perpetually snarky about other women than any of the things you think matter to us.

Why do you date a-holes? What is this allure of the Bad Boy? You like being used and abused and dumped? Really? Why? Does being nice automatically make a guy a wuss?

Razor stubble: yea or nay? And aren't you sick of seeing guys with Van Dyke beards?

Do you think the guy should always pay on the first date?

Is height really that important? Would you not date a guy just because he's short? What about really tall guys, like 6'5" or taller? Does a guy have to be taller than you for you to date him?

What's more annoying, guys who push for sex too soon or guys who drag their feet making a move?

What's the best way to break up with you? Yes, we care about your feelings. Some of us do, anyway.

If we know you're PMS, and you know you're PMS, why do you get angry if we say you're PMS? We hear what you're saying; we just think you're overreacting a little bit. Because you are. Why deny it?

What do you really think when a man cries? "Oh, he's so sensitive"? Or "God, what a wuss"?

Why don't you initiate sex more often? Afraid of rejection? Welcome to our world. If you want some, why not come and get it? You won't be rejected very often, trust us.

What's the appeal of older men? Is it the maturity? The security? Are they better in bed? The dreaded (and overused) "Daddy issues"?

What is the appeal of gay men? Almost every woman we know has at least one gay male friend. What's the attraction? They are non-threatening? They're just one of the girls? What?

Is there a difference between the kind of guy you date and the kind you marry?

Really, once both parties have brushed their teeth, what's the problem with having sex first thing in the morning? You're already late to work, so what's another 3-5 minutes?

How can you stand getting up close and personal with a man's junk? It's hideous, all of it. And usually sweaty, too. Do you really enjoy it or are you just being nice?

How do you remember all these anniversaries? First date... first kiss... first time you spent the night... first Dutch oven. Does it matter? Why? Are we really supposed to remember these things, too? Why?

Why don't you go topless more often? We wouldn't object. Just saying...

What's the most important characteristic you look for in a guy? Looks? Money? Sense of humor? Kindness? Lots of chest hair? Or some intangible we're not aware of?

What's the biggest turn-off in a guy?
Why are you so competitive with each other?
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