How long do you think it'll take for him to talk to me again?

I had been dating this guy for a few months and everything was perfect. No fighting, no arguing...nothing bad. We both fell in love with each other and hated being apart...we live 2 hours from each other. We would text each other throughout the day everyday and would talk on the phone every night. He introduced me to all his friends and told his family about me (never got to meet them due to living in a different state) and he met some people in my family. Long story short, he was very stressed at work and had a lot on his plate, he wasn't in a good place financially, and his parents had just told them they were getting a divorce. Everything was fine between us and then one day he freaked out, told me he couldn't handle everything right now, broke up with me, but then said he just needed space. Being a girl I of course tried my hardest to get him back but nothing worked...he wouldn't answer calls, barely answered texts, and wouldn't see me in person to talk either. It's now been 3 weeks since the last time we much longer does he need? Do you think he'll ever talk to me again? Do you think he misses me or even still thinks about me? I want to talk to him again SO bad, but I don't want to pester/annoy him...


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  • I'm in a very very very similar situation, good to know I'm not the only one out there haha

    But honestly, like myself, all you can do is just give him the space he's asked for and just give it time, don't think about it (too much) because there really isn't much you can do, even though you think you should do something. Time will tell and if its meant to be it's meant to be. I know that sounds cheesy, and I myself feel its meant to be with this girl, but its been almost 3 months since we broke up and I can't do anything else but give it time.


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  • guys, who go through things like that, are actually very emotional and don't no how to control themseveles. if he really does care about you, he will talk to you again, just in time.

    & I'm pretty sure he does think about you, just put yourself in his shoes. seems like he has a lot on his plate, and probably just needs to straighten everything out.

    wait till he comes to you..