She never text/calls me even though we are pretty much together? Also, how often should I call/text her?

Should I continue to be the one who initiates, and carries the conversations over text/calling? We have been dating for three months, and I routinely text/talk to her every night. Every now and then, we talk during the day a little bit too. Just wondering if she should be the one to message me first sometimes. I mean we both really like each other, and I find it easier to talk to her in person. I don't like talking over the phone/texting, but I do since I only get to see her every couple of weeks. Another thing is that I don't want to play the game of hard to get, or initiate radio silence with her. I would like to talk to her everyday, but I also don't get why I have to be the one carrying/ starting our conversations every time. Should that be the case for me to do?

Also, I was wondering how much/ often you would talk to someone you have been dating for three months in a long distance relationship where you only get to see them every two weeks (to give you an idea of where we are at, we both said we love each other and are exclusive too. We aren't official though).


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  • I would suggest doing something via internet chat with her. Say hey I set this system up and was wondering if tonight you can sit with me. Give her a set time :) Honestly it seems you guys should be talking more than you are but maybe she feels comfortable enough with everyhting to have those breaks.

    If you want something set so you know you'll get to talk to her and it won't be so unorderly set up certain days and times and say "I'll call you Monday" "You call me Wednesday" remember set up a time so you will both be able to pick up

    tell her if you want her to get in touch first :) say "hey, text me first tomorrow" or something to that affect if you really want her to know


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  • I actually like when men initate the conversation. Don't over do the texts but send them casualy and don't sweat it to much. Everythings better in person. Not everyone likes to text so it's completely normal how you guys find seeing each other a better way to connect emotionally. And if she cares about you enough you should let her know how imporant those texts and calls are to you when you can't see her. I'm sure she will be flattered.


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