What to do about a frat boy?

Okay so I know theirs a stereotype around frat boys but I'm in a sorority and have seen it all so theirs nothing anyone can tell me that I don't already know lol. So there's this guy he knows a lot of the girls in my sorority and my big big got him to deliver me a cake one time when I told her I like big black guys. He's really popular with the girls because he's attractive and a model but he's also African like me. I kinda tripped out when he delivered me the cake only because he was really cute but I find him attractive but the girls kinda made it seem like I had a crush on him which isn't the case.

I saw him at an even we had and I looked really good if I should say so myself I was getting compliments all night lol. I know he noticed me Because when I would look at him he'd start to half smile when he was talking to someone. At formal I was kinda drunk b.c. my friend kept buying me drinks and the dj was kinda lame lol. I made eye contact with him while he was talking to someone then he turned to me and we both kinda migrated towards each other. I told him how I too was African and I asked him if he knew my name and when he was acting like he didn't I started to walk away and he grabbed me and was like first off your name is... and he said it and he's like do you know my name and I'm like how can I not and I dramatized how the girls talk about him. Then his date came over and just stood there awkwardly so I left. I was looking at him the rest of the night and he was glancing over at me but wouldn't come talk to me then he was like surrounded by his friends and when I left I hugged him (I was drunk okay lol).

I messaged him and apologized for running away and told him maybe we can get to know each other better at an event our houses have together and he never replied for like two weeks. Then I randomly get a message at like 2:00 am in the morning on fb saying "sorry for the late response yeah a convo couldn't hurt" I'm like how nonchalant of him and I'm like yeah it's okay I know your a busy guy we can talk at the thing we have coming up and he's like "yeah for sure but I gotta get some rest now have a goodnight". What is his deal do you think he likes me and if so as a friend or more? Why didn't he come up to me? Should I play it cool and just treat him like a friend no flirting and should I wait for him to come up to me at the next event? I think he's cute but I just simply want to get to know him. My problem is that he's so attractive that so many girls are after him and idt I want to be with someone where I will constantly be fighting off girls for him.


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  • Yeah I doubt that he's hoing to settle down and stick to one giril, so if you want something wti him tell him /

  • I would play it cool...

    Sounds like he's used to having girls flirt with him, so approach him as if he were any other guy you wanted to know as a friend. Y'all may find you really like each other, but if not...ya gotta hot friend!

    • Yeah that's what I felt and that's exactly what I was thinking I should do. Thank you so much you took the words right out of my mouth. It's definitely going to be hard though because he's really cute. Do you think that when I do see him I should wait for him to come up to me or go to talk to him?