The guy I used to love, wants to hang out?

So, about two years ago me and this guy named *D used to hang out all of the time. We never dated, but we acted like a couple. He decided to see other people and eventually kicked me to the curb and quit texting me; I moved on as well. At the time he told me he still loved me, and cared but we could not be together.

We some what keep in touch, and I guess we are friends but recently a few days ago he asked me to go to the movies...

What does this mean? We haven't hung out in over a year...


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  • If you keep thinking about it, then try it and see what happens. You'll regret not doing something more than actually doing it. But be cautious and always keep in mind that he kicked you to the curb and he could do it again, so you won't let him.