Am I expecting too much too soon?

We've been on 3 dates. Everything seems to be going well, except for one thing: It takes him hours, sometimes a day to text me back.

I've never dealt with this before. Usually I've gotten a response back within the same day with other guys I've date. I don't bombard him with texts. I maaaaaybe send one every three days and it's pretty topical and silly.

I don't want to bring it up to him because I think it'll come off clingy, but I find it rude to respond to someone a DAY later. It takes SECONDS to press send.


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  • Maybe he's busy and you aren't top priority because he only went on 3 dates with you.

    • Totally true. I guess I'm just used to quicker replying...

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    • No, I haven't initiated texting since our second date. He has texted me since.

    • oh Okay well that's good that he's putting in effort

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