What are some things guys like to talk about on a date?

Like on a date or something. I never know what to say D:


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  • You could talk about what you like, and about yourself, so that they could get to know you which is exactly the point of a date. If there's something I like to talk about, I'll just talk about it myself. In the first place it doesn't really matter if what you enjoy doesn't interest me much, because interests are just a shallow way to connect anyway. If you're a person that I like, I'll like hearing you talk about whatever.


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  • Tips:

    1) Listen and use the conversation at hand.

    2) Volunteer information about what you're thinking (AND what you think he might tune in to)

    - Good example: (I've heard there's a carnival downtown, have you been to it?)

    - Bad example: (Do I look nervous / hot / fat / etc ;; Sam and sally just broke up)

    3) Use this expression: Small people talk about others, average people talk about plans; big people talk about ideas.

    - Basically, show your intelligence and elaborate on what you agree/disagree with and your thoughts behind why you feel that way. Don't be shy to take a stance opposite of the way we feel.

    4) Try to understand his personality

    - Be honest, is he a videogame nerd or a workout fanatic? Does he socialize a lot or does he focus on school work.. The more specific you can get, the better you can tune what you say to enchant your audience.

    When all else fails - try to make light of the conversation.. Make fun of him and then make fun of yourself.. Anything which works to make each other enjoy our company. If I'm listening to someone rant-and-rave about their "gfs" "exs" or any other topic which bores me - I walk away as they talk to emphasize that I'm not their therapist. I'm not cold if people try to an honest degree - talk about the weather for christs sake and then call yourself a nerd for asking that - then admit that you just wanna hear me talk. I feel flattered and make fun of you back for it - then if I'm keen enough I'll guide the conversation for you.

    The truth about guys that don't talk is that we are often in our head.. As the expression goes:

    You can't change the past, but you can definitely ruin the present by worrying about the future.

    - I'm a personal witness that when I think someone is judging me, I clam up. My mind goes blank and I stutter for days. But the way to get me out of that rut is to simply dive further into it - I act like a buffoon and show others that they can do the same. We all don't like to be restrained, so why do it to ourselves / each other?

    Hope it helps, just let my fingers do the talking :P

    ~ ArtistBBoy

  • If you can find something about Hobbies or things you have in common with the guy, I think it tends to go better.

    If a girl is a bit nerdy and loves the same things I do, then the date tends to go better. I personally love when a girl has a passion about something (unless it's twilight, chick flicks, or any one aspect of one obsessive thing).

    A girl talked to me about something for an hour, and it was actually pretty cool, since she was making a critique of it - history, cultural significance, etc). And while I wasn't into the subject, it was fascinating, not just because she was cute, but because she had a passion for something that I thought was a little unusual, and it was a little quirky. It was also cute to see her get excited about it... made it seem more interesting. She wasn't just talking "surface stuff," but she was talking over different aspects, that she was writing a dissertation, etc.

    I can talk about my career. I have a passion for it; granted, I usually don't on a first date as it's not usually that respected. But I can talk about a hundred little aspects about what I do that would hopefully not bore the girl, and show a passion for it, but I can do that about a lot of things, especially if I know at least the basics of it.

    Generally you want to stay away from politics, provocative, serious subjects (like abortion), and specific religious issues. Stay away from negative stuff (oh, my cat just died. I loved my widdle Muffikins! Here's a hundred wallet sized photos). Leave that for later, as the dates progress, you can slowly start to voice your opinion on these things, but at the right time in the relationship. Keep it light for the first few dates.

    A good tip is to do something interesting or new. Then you have something to talk about.

  • lol, it depends on the guy of course. All guys and their interests are different. The trick is finding out what they are in to. Try starting out with what your in to. Then if he's not into anything you are, simply ask him. Its not like he's gonna keep it from you. Finding common interests isn't really all that hard.

  • I like to talk about the surroundings and my past experiences with them.

    "Hey, this is a fork. I remember this one time when I had a fork I USED IT AS A FEEDING CONTRAPTION TO PUT FOOD IN MY MOUTH."

  • girls




  • sports.other girls.

  • Hmmm...were pretty easy if its general subjects just don't talk about girlie things haha.


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