She doesn't let me pay at second date? Is that normal?

I went out with a girl for the second time. I paid the first time, and this time she did not let me pay even after I insisted. I even gave my credit card to the waitress and she managed her way to substituting it for her card without letting me switch it back.

The date was kinda calm, she talked a lot and I made her laugh.

What do you make of this? Does it mean she might have low interest on dating me or something? Or is it a good sign?


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  • I say your over thinking it too much. She may be the type of girl who likes to pay HALF of the time. Some girls feel that the guy who pays all the time is too old fashioned. There are more women out there who feel they should contribute nearly if not just as much to the relationship (financially) as the guy does. There isn't anything wrong with that. Besides, if she wants to go out a third time, you know you have nothing to worry about. :)

    • Yeah, she accepted later to go out a third time. And she seemed very pleased when I asked her over the phone.

    • Yeah, then you have nothing to worry about. She just wants to pay her share of the way. Maybe she had a brother that told her how much its costs him, or a mother that instilled a sense of the need to pay her own way. Who knows. If you get closer to the girl, you can ask where it comes from, but that should be left to much later in the relationship, not now. Just accept it with a smile. If you say, OK, you pay for this if I pay for that, just remember, don't try to argue about it, accept it.

    • Ok, that sounds reasonable.

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