Is this just a cycle for him? Will he just start calling me up randomly?

I met this guy 2 years ago. We both have been in relationships for about four years (with different people obviously). We were both on a break last year when we flirted and talked about starting something more. Well he chose his ex, and he did it by just one day not talking to me then I ask are you working things out with her? and finally he responded like way later that he was.

So we got to talking because he kept texting me on important dates, like my birthday, and Valentine's day. You don't text a girl in the middle of the night happy Valentine's day platonically. Anyways, he was still with her and I was still with my boyfriend. We started talking platonically, but things starting becoming more than that. We discussed each going on a break because I do not condone cheating. I told my boyfriend honestly that I had feelings for someone else and we went on a break. Then instead of this guy going on a break with his girlfriend, he waited a few days where he barely talked to me. I asked straight up, "are you trying to work it out with her again?" He said yes and that he didn't want to hurt my feelings. I told him he should've told me sooner instead of waiting a few days where I called and texted and didn't hear anything back. That he should've just said it straight up and not make me out like a fool.

I told him this was it. I am not going through this again. I blocked his accounts so he couldn't see me and stuff (we are long distance atm). I just don't get it. Last year after he did this he apologized profusely and said it was a huge mistake. I can't believe right in the middle of my exams he would do this again. But what bugs me more is that he acts like I am not good enough. He pursued me. I didn't ask him to call and text. I was moved on.

Do you really think he will end up calling and talking to me again?

I hear from him like once a month. This time I said I was done was actually way better and me more like passive aggressive I am done. Last year we had a full out fight match.

Anyways, he has been on and off with this girl for years. As a guy, do you think he will just come back in a week like he has done in the past trying to get my attention?

By the way, we never hooked up or anything like that. He hasn't even kissed me yet. So it's not like a booty call thing or whatever. He's known me two years and tells me all the time he really really likes me even when I tell him I am not interested.


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  • Once you tell him how it'll be, keep it that way. I'm glad you spoke up to him about it. :)

    There is a good possibility that he'll try to get in contact with you again.

    • It's just so infuriating. I really just want to hurt him somehow because I mean it is messed up that I told my boyfriend the truth and he just backed out.

    • Yah :x and it can feel worse when he keeps trying too.. it's best to just make it your goal to keep him out of your mind! If you start to think about him, purposely keep switching the topic. It's tough but you're doing the right thing, keep at it. As time goes by you learn more things, understand things better... it's easier to forgive, you'll heal. :)

      I'm not sure what you can do about the other guy, haven't been through that myself so your guess is just as good as mine. Keep strong!

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