First kiss and I turn away- every time?

okay so here's the deal. Obviously I have hu before but I have some weird issues. Every time I hu with someone new and they lean in for the kiss for the first time my mind just flips and I turn my head EVERY TIME! Now obviously they find it insulting and think its personal, this needs to stop! I know it's just nerves but if anyone has advice shoot :)


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  • I don't know what the problem is, but I dated this really cute girl once that didn't like to kiss. She kept turning away from me. Well, I liked her and saw her for 6 dates, but she turned away every time. So I finally asked her what's up, and she said that the tongue grosses her out. lol. I never understood that. To me, kissing is absolutely necessary to become intimate with someone. Without it, you just don't have a connection that I feel is needed. Besides, I love to kiss, so after 6 dates, I was as nice about it as I could be but I told her kissing is something I need in a relationship and had to break it off with her. Don't know what became of her after that.

  • Advice? Maybe just say "Sorry, I'm shy ... you want to try that again?"

    • hahah that's what I do. its just so awkward :)

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