Is this going anywhere?

I've been dating this guy for 6 weeks now, and I really want to be boyfriend/girlfriend, but he hasn't brought it up and neither have i. his friends tell me how much he likes me, and I believe he does because I haven't had sex with him yet and he's still around. but he's really immature and he hates talking about feelings, so I can't figure him out. all I want to know is if this is going somewhere, but I don't know how to ask him. and I don't get why he hasn't brought it up to me. what should I do? and how long should I wait before I just give up on this guy?


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  • Well from personal experience with guys who acted that way they just take as much as they can get from you without dating and once you bring it up they get distance and back out. Has happened to me a couple times. They don't want to commit so they'll have as much fun with you as you'll allow and then drop you. :/ Maybe its not that way in your case, but that's just what has happened with me.