What should I do? Should I give him a chance?

A guy I met at school keeps texting me... We met like 4 times in class and every time he sits next to me and flirts with me. He texts me stuff like : I miss you already ( after I left the class ) , I want you to be always with me , I am sad Because I haven't seen you in a while... That kinda scared me Because It sounds like he fell in love with me. How do I know if he's serious? And should I give him a chance even though I'm not over my ex ?


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  • Does he know you're not over your ex? This makes a difference, to me. It's been happening to me a LOT recently and makes me feel like the guy is just using me.

    If he doesn't know you're not over your ex, it still means to me that this guy is too clingy. You can give him a chance but take a step back. Maybe tell him, jokingly, "You always sound like you already love me!" and give him the hint that you're not thrilled with that.