Forgets to call. Am I overreacting?

I have a pet peeve about people saying "I'll call you right back" and then never calling back. My boyfriend has been guilty of it, and as of yet, I haven't said anything to him about it. We are currently long-distance, and I only get to talk to him 2 times a day for about 30 minutes each time, so talking to him is something I look forward to everyday. Yesterday he did it AGAIN. He texted me later asking a favor and at the end I sarcastically texted "Btw, thanks for calling lol" and he didn't see the sarcasm so he texted back "darling, you never have to thank me for calling." Well, he always calls me during his lunch break after he calls to check on his daughter, and today he never called. I tried to call him once but he never picked up and when he picked up after I tried calling again, he said he was at work and would call me when he got off work. To me, communication in a relationship is key. Would telling him about this stuff be over-reacting? My friend says I'm making a big deal about it, but I just want him to know how it bothers me when he does this. Should I talk to him about it?


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  • Guys don't "forget" to call girls they are crazy about. They can be busy...have a on vacation...have a death in the in a car wreck...etc etc...but we just don't FORGET to call you.


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  • Yes, communication is key..

    You said it sarcastic manner and by his reply he thinks you mean it. (As we know it's hard for some people and even myself to tell if sarcasm is use over text.)

    No, it's not.. It's what is bothering you and you speak up about it. You're not trying to blow thing out of proportion or blaming him for being busy. - Don't let the problem go down under the surface to where it may be become a bigger issue..

    I don't like when people say they'll call and never do then they say "I forgot" -__-" And to me that shows that I'm not important to him.

    Just know that he is trying his best to make time to call you and don't exclude the times that he did call you before.

    Random things happen in life, you never know.