How long should I allow her to meet other matches before I leave her ?

So there is this smart woman, she has viewed my profile on a friends matching site and chose to meet me from the first days she joined. She found my profile a hit not to miss longer than one day, and called me the second morning after she viewed it.

We've met, (not a romantic dating), and she finds me ok,. But, since one week ago when we first met, she continues to sign into her profile and also meet few other guys. Obviously nothing romantic with me or them, we just meet as friends to see if we are suitable, so should not be interpreted as something behind the back.

She is determined to choose someone, and I understand that she favored me first. I don't know if I should give her the chance to compare me with others, or for how long should I allow her to meet other matches before I should leave her first ?

Its obvious she will meet someone better "qualified" if I give her forever, but that's not fair. Our rule is that we should stop meeting others once we decide we are a match. Neither of us has decided that we are a match but we think we are and will continue to meet just to discover that.


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  • You're killing me! You've met once...she's on a dating site right?...she's not your gf...or wife...but you're acting like you own her! Leave her first? What? My eyes are bleeding, and my head hurts from beating it against my desk.

    • I've met more than a few times, not once. my question is still valid.

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    • thank you, finally you provided an answer with a time variables. I didn't say she needs to obey me, but she must know what she wants because no one wants a hesitant person near them.

    • Its way too early to be worrying about what she wants...what she's thinking etc etc. Your only concern should be assessing her IL in you. You do this by asking her out...spending some time with her and watching how she behaves around you and to you. If she is giving you good should kiss her at the end of the 2nd date. This will tell you a lot about her...and how she feels about you.