If a guy doesn't reply to texts fast or AT ALL?

Safe to assume he's not into me ?

He explains by saying he's out of credit , but I don't know , I mean if a guy likes me I think he would respond really fast and like respond to all .

What do you think


Most Helpful Guy

  • could be a lot of factors

    1) his phone IS out of credit or wack

    2)doesn't know you want him

    3)has or found a better girl

    4)bizzy at work

    5)lost your number

    6)is a player

    7)parents keeping him girl-free

    8)doesn't know what to say

    9)thinks your just a friend

    oops ran out of ideas


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What Guys Said 1

  • Speaking as a guy, the speed we reply has nothing to do with how much we like someone.

    Guys do not communicate like girls. If you don't learn that, you will always be frustrated when guys do not conform to your girlie expectations.

    • so what exactly has to do with ow much a guy likes a girl ?

      because I really don't know if he's into me or not

What Girls Said 2

  • He wants to act like "the important one." My advice is to let it be, don't message him anymore, and if he misses you he will message you, if not it's his loss.

  • I take it as he's not interested in me and I'll move on. So guys, if you really like a girl reply promptly. It doesn't make you look cool.