Do you text each other everyday?

1. If you just start to date?

2. Being exclusive, if that makes any difference

3. And who text first? Thanks a lot!


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  • No.. but I rarely text anyone. If I want to talk to someone, I call them. I don't see any reason to be in constant communication with someone.

    If you want to talk to someone, text them. It doesn't matter who texts first. That said, if you're going to text someone, have something to say. It's pretty annoying when someone texts you all the time and all they say is "What's up?" and then expect you to carry the conversation.


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  • Yes we always text 24/7 the only time we're not texting is when we're sleeping and showering, and he always texts me =)

    • Wow that's tooooo sweet!

  • I've been pretty much texting my boyfriend non stop (except for sleeping and classes) since he asked me out 7 months ago...

    • Texting non stop for 7 months?! Do you text him first usually or the other way round?

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