What do these things mean? Third date advice?

1) He told me he's not actively seeking a wife or anything too serious but if he finds it he finds it. (Made me a bit iffy, what does he mean)

2)Asked me what my parents would think about me dating a guy from another background? (he is)

3)texted me an hour after we left each other saying he had a lot of fun and that we will definitely do it again

4)was being very affectionate. at dinner we sat on the same side of the table together (benches), kept wrapping his arm around me, holding my hands, kissing me (not making out, just a peck on the cheek or lips), staring into my eyes and smiling

5)kept saying "next time" we will go to so and so place

6)we just made out a bit at the end, and I told him I won't let him go under the clothes yet and he was very respectful and said he wants me to tell him exactly what I am okay with because he wants me to be comfortable with him.

Any thoughts?


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  • He's taking baby steps because he knows how many creepy women are around.

    3rd date advice ... well if you've been lunching why not go do something fun instead of formal ?


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