Friends or not friends? text or not text?

I'm 27 and separated with my current husband and lots of things been overwhelming and I went to see counselor, I was very depressed I always wanted to chat with some1, (I hv lots of gd fds but just fds not 24/7 available) there were few nights I couldn't sleep I desperately wanted to chat with someone to got some distracted from others so I don't have to keep thinking about my failure marriage. I installed an app on my phone so people would come and say hi and chat with u, basically I didn't put any pics of mine so I don't want any things become serious. but I simply wrote down in about me what I do -im a stewardess and I'm just looking for fds to chat.

there is a guy, not using his pic and started talking to me and he is around 8 years older than me, and we started talking and one of the thing impressed me that he chose to talk to me not bcos of my look : later on we chat for maybe an hr seems things goes well and we both think each other seems cool and can be friends (u know internet can b creepy) then we feel comfort to exchanged pics, he looks cute in his pics, and he also think I'm beautiful. I started to b honest told him about my failure marriage and the purpose of I wanted to got distraction from others, and he told me he actually met someone through the app months ago and he date for a month or two but turns out she was the player.he told me he had several serious relationship and back in the days but just didn't work out eventually. at last he asked my number if I don't mind so we can still whatsapp each other but not through that app (as he is the only person I talked to) bcos we both don't go on this app that often.

anyway, we chat everyday he is the one initiate the conversation the most, we chat a lot we enjoyed it. we flirt but mostly he started first, he knows its a bit inappropriate as he knows that me and my husband just got separated he did mentioned. And he told me he told his fds about me, he enjoyed talk to me think I'm cool but just seems his fds advise is don't get involved other people stuffs. I knew he was looking for date - & my purpose maybe really wanted to chat - then later on maybe we seems found each other attractive. but just the situation not ideal, we keep whatsapp each other, but few times we chat on phone maybe 1-2 hours, one day I had a bad day I decided to go out and have some fresh air, and he asked me out for a coffee, we met. He is cute but not as cute as I think he was like in the pictures and he seems very shy and nervous, when we chat he always look at me and I tried to b casual and I saw him looking at my face and smiling all the times. we texted later and he said I Look good, and he seems very conscious about the way he looks. he mentioned before he think he should b careful what he said as there is an incident my husband saw our text and went crazy - and we still keep text each other everyday, but not as crazy as before. lately I feel like he hold back a little bit, chat less he seems active on that app again,

since that incident cos my husband always wanted to get back but I just don't love him anymore, he saw the text but just apart of them, but most of the conversation we didn't flirt but only talk about my problems in my marriage- but still- sounds bad enough when I feel like drag him into that situation and my husband saw I was just chatting with another guy.(that time we haven't met yet)later on he told me he wasn't sure wt he is doin, he is single, but I'm not and just feel like he holding back
the first time we met actually short but gd, but I'm not sure rathe I showed myself alittle bit of disappointed on my face but I was pretty chilled and he seems shy and nervous, he asked me like did I bored you, or did I scared you (my look) I said "ofcos not!" but I'm jsut saying we only met once, I still hv lots want to know more, I was confident but then now he seems holding back and I'm not get used to losing some1 to talk to, I still want to talk to him, but maybe he wanted a date but not a fd?


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  • It's hard to tell what the guy wanted. I think he likes talking to you and you guys like fliritng. I think he is scared of your ex husband and that he might be him up. I think he is intimidaited by your ex husband,. I don't think you did nothing worng. you chatted with a guy and talked to him and you guys met up. Their could be a lot of reasons why he is holding back. Maybe he feels he is boring or that you don't like him.I also think you can intiiate the texts to with him.

    • I'm not sure - if he wants to talk to me but the way he holding back and active on that apps maybe I think he rather find someone else instead - I don't mind whoever initiate the conversation but if he thinks it awkward I 100 % understand - but still ... Pretty disappointed

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    • Your welcome for the compliment. :) That is good you saw him. and once again you guys texted with flirts and it died down again. I can't blame you for not intiitating. He should intitiate and he should open up to you more. True you could be right you want to be friends and he probably wants more out of it. Guys are weird sometimes because their are some that can have girls as friends and then their is others who want to date girls only. It sucks you had to deactivate that account. You could be

    • right the guys on that site probably were just looking for dates. It is a shame you had to deativate the account. True he knows exactly where you are coming from and friendship can be very fragile. Sometimes you may just want a guy to just talk to and hang out with. Some guys take it to another level thinking you like them when your just being friendly. That is good that your not in a rush to date. Everything takes time. Maybe the guy might text you again when he feels like it.

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