What does it mean when a guy keeps texting but doesn't making plans?

Ok, so I met this guy, had a great night together with him. He asked for my number and I gave it to him. I was shocked when he text me for the next 4days in a row, thinking wow, he is interested! But then I didn't hear from him for like a week and he apologized and gave me a reason, so I figure he's just playing "the game", trying not to seem too interested.

But this is going on for a few weeks so I got frustrated cause he wasn't trying to make plans and I know he's super busy in the week but he's still going out on the weekend (doesn't know I know) so I just straight up asked if he was just being nice or if he was interested to please just let me know cause I don't wanna be confused or have the wrong idea and he's like "im down to chill sometime, I'm just busy so much with work during the week" which didn't answer my question but I figure maybe he doesn't know... but here we are texting and he still hasn't made time to ask me out or made effort to spend time with me.

I'm so confused - I gave him an out, he didn't take it, but he's still not making plans... Please help me, I'm not the type who can consider seeing more than one person so I need to know if I should just drop this and give up, or if I should give him more time, or what... I'm so confused...


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  • Give up. Even if he makes one plan soon, you can be reasonably sure making plans is not his strong point and you'll probably find yourself in the same boat subsequently.


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