Can a guy please help me understand this? Texting while drunk?

If a man texts you while he's drunk claiming to love you, or wants to marry you, why does this happen? is there sometimes truth behind it or what's even the purpose, or is this just something that men do?

It just seems weird to me.

update: he text me and said he meant to say that he has strong feelings for me


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  • LOL... both genders do that. We've graduated from the drunken dial to the drunken text; isn't technology great? A few years ago, a woman confessed to me that she was "in love" with me. Of course, she was completely plastered at the time, so after she sobered up, I asked her about what she had said. Surprise! She had no idea what I was talking about, and she actually seemed a bit repulsed by the question. I wouldn't read anything into what a person says or does while drunk; it's the sober behavior that counts.

  • the general consensus is: Drunken words are sober thoughts.

    It can sometimes be 50/50 though


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