Kiss from married women mean anything?

Ok a girl I like whom is married and has a major crush on me is having marriage problems her husband cheated on her not once but twice with her bf.. and she told me flat out that she had a major crush on me. well we went to the movies and after I dropped her off at her sisters she wanted a hug that's fine then she gave me a kiss on the cheek I turned then she gave me one on the lips does this mean anything..


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  • Yeah it does mean something. It may mean anything though. She may just be confused and is looking for temporary comfort in the arms of another man, or she may want to get back at her husband. If you want a relationship with her, make her get a divorce first.


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  • First of all .. no one knows what goes on in a marraige except, maybe, the people in it. It might be as she said, it might be worse, it might be a series of interconnected lies.

    A married woman is never going to give you her full attention, despite the fact that you are able to give her yours.

    The idiot in your story has chosen to f*** things up more rather than deal with the situation in a direct and responsible manner.

    You could do so much better than that ...

  • Yes, it means she is interested in you. However, I would not get involved with a married woman; that's a bad road to go down.

    • What this guy said. Chicks get all emotionally unstable and sh*t. For them, their lives are falling apart, for us it's " eh.. I'll get over it by next week." Just stay clear of her.