Do I have to ask a girl creatively to prom?

it seems a lot of people at my school ask girl creatively like with a big sign or written out on cars with sticky notes.

but does that really matter? can I not just ask normally?


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  • Well truthfully I wouldn't want anything huge and big but it would be cute if he still asked me in a creative way privately. Not publicly per say. Like just a cute note, or a corny voice message...a guy friend of mine once did that and left me this audio message on my phone asking me to a event (just as friends) but it was hilarious and definitely made me want to go with him. Just a tiny bit of effort can make the biggest difference. It doesn't have to be huge all out. Just a teeny tiny bit of cuteness and thought.


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  • as romantic or cool as that seems I know I would just get embarrassed with the publicness!

    sometimes the more intimate, special invites cam be the nicest, slip a note in her locker, on a walk/park, at a nice dinner


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