Drunk texted a guy that I'm interested in?

So we were at this party and I had messaged him earlier apologizing for not talking to him at formal when he went with one of my sisters (in my sorority the new pledge class weren't allowed to bring dates). I couldn't talk to him because his date was policing him. So I told him we'd talk at the party that was coming up. Well he kept trying to get my attention at the party until we finally made eye contact and he said hey how are you and we had like a short convo but I felt bad because I told him we'd talk more but I didn't know what to say to him when I saw him. I decided drinking more would help (stupid I know) so I did then I couldn't find him and felt terrible for not keeping my word and having a real convo with him.

At this moment I was pretty wasted and I just felt so bad that I stupidly decided to text him and I told him I'm sorry for not talking to him and that he makes me nervous and this guy is just like an acquaintance he knows a lot of girls in my sorority but were just getting to know each other. He responded that he was watching a game and that I was confusing him and throwing a lot at him right now. When I sobered up I felt so stupid for texting him and I asked my male friend what I should do but he offered no beneficial advice. I'm not sure if I should apologize for drunk texting him not that I said anything inappropriate just for me opening up and telling him he makes me nervous when I don't know him that well or if I should leave it alone and let him forget about it. Do you think at this point he'd think I'm crazy or would he still talk to me?


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  • Clear thing up with him and see how that goes for you,