Guys, how would you react if...

a girl that you have had feelings for for the past 6 months told you exactly how she felt about you?

I'm in this situation now and I have no idea what to do. Basically, this guy and I started talking way back in September. We didn't date because he couldn't make a relationship his top priority because of his major. We talked and hung out all the time and things were really good. I did something stupid and accused of him talking to someone else which made things bad for a few weeks but we got passed it things eventually went back to normal. Actually I think that they were better. This whole month though things went from perfect to not so great. The beginning of this month I was telling him that I might transfer schools next year and he told me multiple times that he didn't want me leaving and that he wasn't going to be as busy next year. So him saying that on top of comments he would make about us dating next year and that he still had feelings for me, I just assumed that next year he would want to try for a relationship. Well, about two weekends ago things changed and long story short, he was trying to talk to my roommates best friend but from what I understand she doesn't have feelings for him. On top of that, he is taking her to his formal next weekend. That upsets me kind of but he told me that they are just friends and that he only asked her because of something to do with their sorority and fraternity relationship. Even though I just told you all of these things he's done, I can't but help that I still have feelings for him. I want him to know exactly how I feel but I don't know if it is a good idea. I want to tell him next week before I leave for summer but I just don't know if I should. I know exactly what I want to say to him but I don't know how he will take it. I want to be in a relationship with him so bad next semester, I have had feelings for 6 months and I don't want them to go to waste especially when they are so strong.

What should I do?!?


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  • Are you still transfering? maybe he was pulling away from you because he knows you might be laeving? What did you say when he said that he want to spend time next year and that you won't transfer? If you stay tell him, that your looking foward to being together next year, and you can't wait. And that you want to be taken by him to his formal or another thing. Say you understand, but that you want to go with him too! Good luck and don't be afraid.

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