What's up with this guy?

so one sunday this guy approached me in a store (on a day when I wasn't even feeling that hot), complementing my movie selection and introducing himself etc. a few minutes of conversation reveal some common interests (also that he has never actually seen the movie he complimented) but also that I am a sophomore in college and that he is 25 with a steady job. still, he seems into me and asks me to get a cup of coffee, even though he already is holding one (claiming that it is "bad"), so we walk to a coffee shop, both of our favorite drinks are cappuccinos, he orders two I get my wallet out but he insists on paying. we walk and talk for about a half an hour and he brings up the age discrepancy but I explain how I have dated older men (my ex is 27). he needs to go meet a friend for dinner(why he was in the neighborhood.. he lived a bit farther away) so we exchange numbers. he texts me (during working hours) on thursday (4 days later) saying we should meet up again and few flirty comments, I flirt back saying we should meet again too. that weekend I don't here from him, so I text him on Wednesday saying we should do something the coming weekend, he says he is actually flying to san francisco for business on saturday but will be back on Thursday and will "give me a ring then" it is now the tuesday after that and I still haven't heard from him... what's up with that? should I be worried? forget him? texting him again seems too desperate, but I felt like we really clicked... and I'm a picky girl!


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  • Sorry, but I say forget him. Even if you call him again and you actually go out he seems to be a bit of a flake...