Should I text/call or wait?

I got into a very childish "argument" with this guy I've been seeing, he was sick/hungover/moody and taking everything so seriously... to the point where I had to say he was annoying me to which he said maybe I should talk to him when I don't find him to be so annoying to which I said maybe he should talk to me when he isn't being so moody to which he said OK bye... Now I know what you guys might be thinking ... SO IMMATURE... I know, I completely agree but we were both in bad moods and it's funny because usually I just avoid talking to him for a few hours until I know we are in better moods... But the question is should due to the fact we argued about nothing... should I reach out to him and see how he is doing? or since I told him to contact me , should I just be patient and wait? Also do guys think that it's a sign of weakness if I were to contact him before him contacting me or does it not matter to a guy?



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  • It's alright, go ahead and call/text out of concern lol... but give him time to get over whatever he was being moody about.

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