Did he save my number? What should I do now?

Last week I went on a school related trip for this competition thing. 8 people from our school went, one being my the guy I like. Our teacher gave me his number (because our group is usually split into the 3 girls & the 4 guys) so it was just in case. I texted him once just about the competition & he replied. And the next day he called me to ask where we were so all of us could meet up. Now I'm just wondering if he saved my number or not...

We only have one class together. I don't really have any friends in that class (forever alone T_T), so he probably thinks I'm a loser, but he talks to me at /least/ one or two times every time we have that class. I won't see him again until Tuesday.

So basically I'm asking

1. Do you think he saved my number? I don't want to text him first without knowing for sure he saved it.

2. What should I do now? Text him or wait?

We're juniors in high school. Sorry for the long question. Thanks in advance :)


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  • Since you did text him when he didn't give you his number he might've been creeped out or surprised, though the fact that he called you instead of texted leads me to believe he cold be trying to be more personal. I'm not fully sure, if I were you I would still only text him about competition-related info (that is the reason you got his number right?) and if he's trying to be proactive in reaching you it should become evident if he texts/calls you on his own.


What Girls Said 1

  • It might be a little creeper-y if you texted him out of the blue.

    I don't delete numbers off my phone, so chances are he probably still has your number.