I cannot tell if my friend likes me.

I have a good guy friend who I hang out with all the time. He asks to hang out or study almost everyday. Not in an obsessive way but more along the lines of "Join me in the library?" or "Want to get dinner" and "What are you doing right now".

When he is with me he often talks about how his dating life sucks, but then will pull a 180 and joke about us dating or etc.

I have a boyfriend, but he knows that I have some problems with the relationship but at some point after he mentioned he was passive in manipulating people into things and will be around awhile.

Then when we hang out next to each other I feel sometimes there is good body distance away, and he isn't into me, then he will have his leg touch mine and if I pull it away he moves it closer again. He leaned his head on me a few times yesterday claiming he was sleepy.

He asked me today that his sister didn't believe his friendship was platonic and made a joke about it with me.

I mean after all this I have no idea where he stands and it is driving me crazy. I've only been friends with him for 2 months, but I have been wanting to end things with my current boyfriend for the past 5 months. I like my friend as more of a friend, but obviously I am not single, but I still really want to know if my friend likes me.

Any advice would help.



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  • yes, he likes you


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  • It definitely sounds like he's into you. Why else would he find ways to touch you?

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