Complicated situation, warning LONG!!

I'm at university. So is my crush.

I got interested. So I asked him out.

He said yes.

WE talked on the phone, and I became really nervous and wierd, so I hung up. But before I hung up we decided that he would call me the next week to set a time and place for our date.

He did not call. And I got mad. We did not speak though.

I was the one calling him after two weeks. I asked him "hey what happened seriously?"

We spoke for an hour, this time more relaxed. Then he asked me to come to his place.

I was shocked, so I was like "you know what, Ill think about it."

He said "fine, call me during the week."

I called him during the week, but then he answered his phone and replied "oh it's you, Ill call you in a while."

He did NOT call me. I texted him saying: "I can meet you tomorrow at your place."

He did not reply.

The next day I told him to call me, he said he will, but he didn't.

That's it I got fed up, so I decided to forget him.

I saw him at a party after a few weeks. I totally ignored him there! Not looking at him or anything.

But I regretted that, so I called him up after a few days, just trying to have a normal conversation with him. He actually confronted me and said "why did you ignore me at the party" and he also said sounding jealous "I saw you with a guy who was it"

Anywho, at the end of the convo he said "come home to me tomorrow." I said "I can't because I'm going away, but you can come home to me." He said he has to study so he cant, but that I should call him the day after.

I called him the day after, and he did not respond. So I texted him saying "I'm going away now, but when I come back you're invited to my place." He said "sure thing"

I came back from my trip, and as I saw him, I got completely nervous and just wanted to disappear when he spoke to me, so I pretended I was in a rush. And after a few hours I saw him again and I turned my back against him, because again I got nervous.

After a few days again, I saw him at a gathering and he seemed angry and pretend to ignore me, but then he said "Hi" and tried to act normal.

At the evening I wrote to him "are you sleeping"

he said "yes"

the day after I wrote "how about now, can you talk"

he said "I'm working out."

SO I was like "u know what, you can come to my place during the weekend, but let me know in time if you cant" and I also said "but let this stay between us"

He said that he will call me, but never did. I think he was scared by my behavior or by sms telling him to keep it to himself, thinking I'm a freak. I have no idea.

And I texted him after a few days saying "what happened"

No response.



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  • The best thing to do is nothing,this guy doesn't sound like He's in to u,( if anything he just wants to hook up with u)if you still want this guy(I know you do)don't make yourself so available,flirt with others guys in front of him,show him Ur value and that Ur worth being with(cause you r)

    • but this has taken a toll on me! I feel like whyyy is there something wrong w me

    • why do you think its you ,maybe somthings wrong with this guy,people have issuses,u can't blame yourself if a guy can't see how wonderful you r

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  • At this point just give him space and time, any more messages from you will only hurt the situation. Don't message to him unless he responds to you, you don't want to risk seeming too needy or him feeling harassed. If he never messages you again you will know that it didn't work out and probably wouldn't have anyway. If he does message you in a week or so just try not to message him so feverishly and so impatiently in the future.

  • that is too long


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  • I think the problem is that you've been hot and cold with him and he's done the same back to you and as you were so nervous he might have thought you weren't that into him. I think you should either move on or send him a text to explain your behavior and that he just makes you dead nervous.

    • Yeah I wasn't quite sure how to put my answer into words but I agree with this gal. Good advice.