Shy vs confident: does phone habits/rules differ?

The Question:

Do all guys, regardless of shyness, text/call first and often consistently when they are interested? Or do shy/reserved guys lack in that department?

The Situation:

I've known him on and off three years. He had a girlfriend in the beginning. single now, always been a shy/nervous person.

Anyway, he got my number by very adorkably being late for his presentation (we shared some courses) and saying "I was thinking that I wished I had your I could tell I was gonna be late"

He texted me first, just small stuff about class. He's always teased me, asking how my day/weekend goes, listens very well, and when we grabbed drinks with fellow peers, he was showing off how much he knew about me, joking about how long we've known each other, my family, etc.

However, when it comes to texting/calling now that we're states away, he lacks. He didn't text in forever before twice, randomly, texting me dumb questions...if I don't carry the convo, he fades.

He's quick to reply (literally within the minute) but never initiates causally. He'll disappear and pop up with a dumb text.


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  • Yea, we're stupid like that, but I wouldn't push the issue. I am not exactly sure what you're asking, but long distance relationship are hard to maintain, and I don't think you want to start anything serious at this point.

    I mean if he was consistent where he texted and called every night, wouldn't that feel very much like a serious relationship. I don't feel the relationship has developed to that point...yet. =)

    • You make a good point. I was just curious if he could still like me bercause his behavior has changed. I don't need that much attention lol I just wanted to know if it was appropriate to text him at random or to just let him do whatever it is he's doing.

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