I can't breathe I'm freaking out

I invited a guy to my place (which seems a little slutty since I don't know him)

we have been flirting back and forth.

Anyway he seemed interested and said "let me check I will get back to you"

Then I wrote the craziest text right away saying "please let this stay between me and you, and not anyone else at school - hope you get me."

Omg after that he did not respond and he did not call and is totally ignoring me.

Did I freak him out? :(


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  • haha that's very good. <3

    I think he might have hit the jack pot!

    It's good, you might have freaked him out but it's a good freak of defiantly.

    • Hahaha what? WHat do you mean ! Please :(

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    • But I asked him on Thursday. He said he will call me on Friday. I texted him on Sunday. He did not respond. Its Monday now! WTF! How is this good!_

    • ohh, you didn't add that part before. contact him don't text. somehow don't let him be a squid about this.

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  • ah he'll be OK lol


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  • How old are you for one? And two, if he's not answering, then for whatever reason he did not want to come over. It may not have been anything you did, or the text you sent after, since he did not agree to your proposal right away. Either he's not attracted to you (which seems unlikely since he was flirting), or he got intimidated and scared to come over and see you. Which is why I ask your age, if he's a young guy, this is most likely the reason. He did not know how to continue and became insecure about the situation. Could be a virgin or inexperienced.

    Either way, do not contact him anymore.

    • He is a man, and in fact much more experienced than me. In fact he told me once I was inexperienced. Also I am more inexperienced than him.

      ALSO I ignore him at school, because I get so nervous! AAAAA I'm going crazy over my own behavior. Its all my fault. I had him!

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    • Not freaking out like this over one little text? If you keep contacting him and trying to convince him that you're not childish you're going to seem like a stalker. Not everyone is going to be interested, you'll come off looking a lot better if you just relax and let it go.

    • But why did I have to write that stupid text? I regret it so much. He wouldve called me if I hadnt!