My heart is pulling me into 2 different directions and I don't know what to do. How to chose?

Well I have been with a guy for 4 years and 2 have been long distance and things are not that good between us since I caught him cheating twice. It wasn't physical but he was on dating websites saying things to girls he shouldn't be. I love this guy and we have been through hell and back but I'm not sure what to do. I know he is who I should be with. He's an athlete(VERY good), hot as hell, smart, at a good college, from a pretty good family. But he lies as lot to me and is sneaky and is as romantic and sweet as mud.

The second guys is slightly complicated.. he's currently in prison and is supposed to get out within 4 months. We have been pen pals for 10 months and have visited a few times and things are amazing. Obviously he's not the person I technically should be with, but despite his mistake that lead him to prison he is an amazing person. I realize that he could be playing me and how people view people like him so I'm not dumb. But this guy is sweet, sensitive, smart, sexy, funny, and being around him is amazing. When we hug at visits I feel something in the hugs that I have NEVER felt before. He makes me feel good when I'm around him and his letters are amazing. He tells me he doesn't deserve me and is hard on himself about his crime(aggravated burglary) and is ashamed of himself.

So what should I do? Who should I choose?


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  • If the man in prison has potential to be successful once he gets out, and you don't have to support him forever, I'd go with your heart. Family may disapprove. Stay with the jock and you could be unhappy for years to come.

    • The guy in prison has a very successful job at his family business so I believe that he will do good and he plans on continuing his education. He took classes and graduated top of his class with a 3.65GPA from the college at the prison which is taught by real college professors. My family said they will disown me if I go with the prison guy too so that's another thing that makes it harder.

  • Your heart alone can't go in 2 directions...but your mind and heart ...can. Choose the one who you have the highest interest level in.


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