Internet dating experiences?

I'd like to try it but every time I look up reviews on the internet for an internet dating site it says that it is a scam. Much read complaints: overcharging, fake profiles, inactivity, can't stop membership and people faking interest to make you buy 'credits' and such.

Are they all just rubbish, or are there trustworthy sites out there?

I already feel embarrassed for having to maybe use the internet to meet someone, but I certainly don't want to get ripped off in the process.


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  • There are some trustworthy sites that you can go on...but you have to look for serious clean sites there are some like that's full of scammers a clean site would be those are just examples. Yes there are some limits but it depends onwhat your looking for.

    Definitely don't be embarrassed now a days one in three couples use the Internet to meet someone its a great experience for both parties it just like I said varies depending on what you are looking for


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  • i honestly wouldn't trust them... my friend whos 13 has a fake one and there's a lot of fakes out there so I wouldn't fall for ir


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  • okcupid is good dating site. no money required. completely free. but dating site are rubbish in general. I agree with that statement. I would never pay to go on a dating site.

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