'Always the friend, never the boyfriend' is most often a guy's complaint. But why does it keep happening to me?

I went to a prestigious technical college in the early 90s where most of the entering freshmen males were virgins because they were your typical HS nerdy/geeky kid. I used to witness them befriend girls all the time and become really close friends with them. So often though the guys would develop romantic feelings for the girls while the girls would always end up dating other guys. Now here I am several years later and have noticed I've fallen into that pattern. The few guys I've started to date briefly have only turned into friends because of lack of interest in me on the guy's part. But I'm left with unrequited romantic feelings. Now that this has happened about 3-4 times over the past 17 years I'm getting tired of it. These guys recognize that I'm a wonderful, amazing woman but they simply don't have the hots for me. What I don't understand is there is NOTHING wrong with me. In fact, some of the women these guys do end up falling for are self-centered, selfish people who don't treat their men well at all. Me, on the other hand, I am selfless almost to a fault sometimes.

I hate the old cliches, "Good guys/girls finish last", or "Guys/girls always want the bad girls/boys". I don't want to believe in that type of stuff. But from what I continue to witness, it's beginning to seem true to me.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Any guys out there who have girls you consider the best of friends but you have no interest in having as a girlfriend? - If so, why do you feel that way about them? If they're such good friends, why don't you want to be with them romantically?


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  • Because people think they can't be in a relationship with them, because it will ruin the friendship if something happens. but that's wrong they just can't handle it.


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