Need to kiss him and we haven't been able to!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 months on the 14th. We still go to school and work and we haven't had time to really be together. I know this sounds weird. But I want. Need to kiss him and we haven't been able to! Its frustrating! I wanna pull him aside tomorrow morning and be with him. Alone. How would I do this without being weird. Do I just come out and ask him To kiss me, or go for it myself. Where do I go In the school to be alone with him? Please help. I'm desperate to be with him.


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  • The angst can be good, I swear. Just wait for the right moment.

    I'm in a similar situation, and there's nothing worse than an awkward moment with a girl YOU REALLY dig on. So I'm telling you because I relate, don't screw it up. Don't do it prematurely.

    Just so you know, in my situation, I plan to meet up with her the way we've originally met -dancing. Haven't come up with a place yet, but I will by tonight.

    Not to incite any jealousy, but I've just a few kisses on the dance floor, and it is frickin' EPIC. In fact, there isn't a more proper place to do something like that. It's probably destined to be on a dance floor, someplace dark and secluded by other couples distracted and absorbed in their own love. Wouldn't that be grand?


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  • You could ask him to do something for you, and as a reward you will let him kiss you. That way it would be flirty, but not as aggressive as just jumping on him and kissing him. I don't know where you could go to be alone at school. Can't you make plans to meet anywhere else?

    • Hmm, that could work out. Where would be a good place to be alone at school? Not sure where that would be?

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