Should I send my boyfriend one last email?

My boyfriend is thinking of breaking up with me even though our feelings are still there (long story). I really think we don't have to break up, so I want to send him one last email just telling him exactly how I feel about this. Is this a good idea? Would it make me look like a clingy girlfriend? I'm planning to let go, if he still decides to break up after this one try.

ok, we're about to go long distance and he's scared of it because of his baggage from a previous relationship. I also plan to talk face-to-face but I thought writing an email might be better for organizing my thoughts. does that change your answers?
he said he'd keep dating me if we were still living close to each other as well.


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  • Depends on what that long story is. If that story was about how clingy you are, then it would do more harm than good. If you want to keep him, then try talking to him in person instead of an email. Being able to see you and see your emotions is far more powerful, than an email is.


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  • It's worth a shot, better to try and fail than never try and always wonder or live with regret.

    If he does break up, well, it's a pity. Move on and don't give him another chance. If he's willing to quit once, he'll be willing to quit again, imo.

    • yeah, if this doesn't work, I'm moving on :)

    • Your boyfriend is an idiot if he's gonna let distance come between you guys if he's happy and the relationship is good and all.

  • The only thing you can do is try if its ment to be then its ment to be,God has our lifes planned from the momment we are born its a set path all you can do is follow it.

    • well, I don't quite believe that, but yes, I'm going to give it one last try.

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  • Step your cookies up.. and don't be a thirsty bitch.. If he wants to make it work he will.. simple as that...

    • yeah, I'm planning to wait at least a week or so, give him some time to think. this will be a last resort :)

    • last last last last last last last last last resort (: I hope he mans up and makes it good though! #goodluck