Should I be concerned or?

I know this is a silly question but I'm sort of freaking out here so any help is greatly appreciated!

Anyway I recently met a boy and we hit it off really well, there was instant chemistry between the two of us which I have never had with someone before and we had so much in common. He told me he wanted to take me out to dinner sometime and gave me a lot of positive signals so I just rolled with it.

We ended up hooking up and in the end he seemed even more attracted to me than he was before and we left things off on a GREAT note, he indicated that he wanted to introduce me to his friends and seemed really positive.

I sent him a text the other day asking him if he wanted to get together but I was super tired from work so I fell asleep early before we could finish making plans. I waited until around 10am this morning before replying to him because I didn't want to wake him up too early but it's been at least a good 6 hours and I still haven't heard back from him.

Should I be concerned? Would it come across weird if I sent him another text or one asking him to give me a call if he gets the chance?


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  • If he hasn't texted you in six hours...he broke his phone. Either that or lost it. I would not be concerned. If he was so into you, unless he was totally faking and doesn't want to get together again, then he'd text back if he could. Maybe the message didn't even get through. Bad signal or something. Don't worry.